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Website design

I have got a very small business, do I need website?

Yes, of course you need a website. At least a very basic website. Because if you look back 5 years, you will find only 10% people use to find products or services online and now the percentage is more than 40% and within 3 to 4 years it will cover almost 80%.
Therefore, if you don't introduce your website now, it might be very late for you for finding the exact domain for your business.
My advice to you is even if you don't have a website created at least secure your business domain name for your business so that NO ONE ELSE takes it.  Purchasing a domain name can cost you as little as $20 a year.

Don't understand how to get a domain name please contact us as we are here to help you. If you would like to get started and have us develop a website for you, don't delay contact us today.


Training to update your website
You will “get” how to edit  your website.
Feel assured that you will have access to your my classses and a private forum for questions.  You can access them any time day or night  to brush up on how make an edit on your site (if needed). We are have designed video website training tutorials to make you feel comfortable and confident to use  the website that we have built for you.


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