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Heidi Vanyo

Heidi Vanyo is a software engineer that in the past has worked for several companies designing and then implementing projects.  She has taken her software training experience and is now using it to create websites and blogs.   Heidi specializes in creating  websites using Joomla and/or Drupal, a content management system and blogs in Wordpress.  Creating a site with Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress can be done by many, but customizing it to meet your needs is where Heidi excels.  Heidi has modified or customized php extensions and add-ons to meet the needs of client as well as customized the css themes to get the desired look they want.

In addition, Heidi has developed in-depth knowledge about how to drive traffic to the website and generate revenue.  Lastly, Heidi loves to teach.  She has an active class running at that specializes in using an file organizer software to organize digital files and image files such as photographs and scrapbooking supplies.  She has plans to add more classes here at Virtual Business Solutions on how to use the latest internet technology to improve your own website.


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