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Copywriting FAQ

Where do we begin?

We begin our copywriting services by listening.  We will set up an initial telephone consultation during which we will discuss your copywriting needs, goals and timeframes.  While you are talking, we will be paying attention to your tone of voice and the message that is most important for you to communicate with your target audience.  Our goal is to make sure all your written marketing material sounds like you.

These calls are generally recorded for us to reference when writing the initial drafts. 

After the goals and deadlines are established, we will set up a timeframe as to when you can expect each draft to be delivered to for your review and, ultimately, approval.

What are your first steps in writing effective copy?

In order to write the most effective copy, we feel it is crucial to be well-researched in your industry and business.  We will send you a questionnaire to supply us with initial information about your company.  In the meantime, we will conduct our own research on your industry to learn about trends, as well as, your competition to reveal a competive edge to use as your advantage. 

We also research high-traffic and valuable SEO (Search Engine Optimized) keywords that line up with your business and marketing objectives. Your content marketing campaigns are only as strong as their content.  We create original copy using keyword-rich, organic content that delights readers and feeds search engines. 

What do you need from me?

It is always helpful to review any background material you already have on your company.  This may include exisiting website copy, printed brochures or other marketing material you have done in the past.  If there are reports or magazines that you reference, we will like to know that as well.  Once we have gathered the information, a secondary conference call is usually helpful to discuss the direction of the copy that will be written. 

What can I expect from our work process?

We will submit a first draft for your review and input.  Of course, we strive to nail it on the first round, but know that there may be a few revisions to get your copy absolutely perfect. The task of writing copy is essentially a collaborative process with a high value placed on open communication. If we are both committed to a timely revision schedule, we will absolutely deliver your finished copy on deadline.

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