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Brand Identity Steps

Step 1 - Select the logo design package that is best for you.

We offer two packages. The first is based on the brand identity only. The second includes an additional  125 x 125 website banner. It is that easy!

Step 2 - Complete our creative business discovery questionnaire.

After we confirm your order, we'll ask you to answer questions in a creative business discovery questionnaire that helps us understand you, your business, and your logo preferences. Whatever you do, make sure you complete and submit the questionanaire because we will not begin work until you complete the brief.

Step 3 - View and comment on original logo concepts.
A completely different logo concept or variations of.

Once the process starts it takes just a few days** to receive your concepts sent by email (all concepts and drafts will come with a watermark that reads: In progress: DO NOT USE which will be removed once the logo has been completed).

You'll review the designs, decide which design or elements you prefer and send us your input via email. Based on your input we make the revisions and send your second round for your review.

We repeat the process a final time and you'll send us your final input and within three business days after receiving your final suggestions you'll be sent your ready to use logo in multiple formats.

You'll get your concepts as ordered in your package. Sometimes we provide an extra concept for free. In those cases, the extra logo concept will be labeled, "BI Extra 1," "BI Extra 2," etc. Sometimes we make comments about our designs to help you understand why a particular decision was made to help you make the best decision you can.

Keep in mind that these are concepts only; once you choose a logo you'll be able to guide the revisions to get the logo exactly how you want it.

** We work quickly. If you respond as quickly the process can take just a few days. With that said, delays on your end will create delays on our end.

Time Limitations: A time limitation of four months applies to completing a logo The clock starts the day you receive your concepts based on the date stamp of the email.

Step 4 - View and comment on logo revisions.
A Revision is a change to an existing/approved logo concept.

Once you choose an initial concept, you'll send us a final round of the changes you want to make. We then work hard to apply your vision to the final logo.

If you have any questions or are having trouble putting your thoughts into words, you are welcome to arrange a call with the designer to discuss your requests.  During that call we can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses in your requests so that together we can agree and apply the strongest points to your final concept.

Step 5 - Get your final logo.

After your logo is finalized, we'll format it and send it to you so you can start using it immediately.

In about 21 days, you'll receive a CD in the mail with the files you need for any project. This way you can be ensured that your logo will look great from faxes, to websites, from email signatures to promotional products, and beyond.


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