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Brand Identity Logo FAQ

FAQ's for Brand Identity/Logo

How much do your custom logos cost?

We offer several different logo options.

Custom Logo/Branding Packages start at $485. If you have any special requirements contact us to discuss your wants and needs and we'll give you a custom quote.

How many custom logo concepts will you make?

Between 3 to 5 concepts.

Do you serve customers outside USA?

Yes. We can design for you no matter where you are. That was our mission and purpose when we developed our online business.

How do I order and pay for my logo?

Check or Paypal

How long does the design process take?

We work quickly. If you respond as quickly the process can take just a few days. On the other hand, delays on your end will create delays on my end.

What other design services can you provide me with?

Business Card Design

E-Book Design

Brochure Design

CD Cover Design

CD Label Design

T-shirt Design



Book Covers


Don't see it listed? Just ask...

"I would like to have a logo designed based on my own drawings and ideas. Could it be possible?"

We always respect our client's input. Some clients email us drawings, which help us to understand their ideas, tastes and needs. Some clients will send us URL's of sites that have a logo that has caught their eye.

While we can design without these suggestions all suggestions are reviewed and considered. We do ask that clients not marry themselves to a single idea. Not all ideas transfer into high impact designs. We use your target market and our 27 years of experience to create a brand identity that will work for you.

What if I don't like my logo?

You can stop the process at any time BEFORE requesting the FIRST revisions and receive a refunded (less a 50% service fee). After receiving your request for revisions we offer no refunds.

If you stop the process all artwork, images and designs shown or sent to you the client or any third party, remain the intellectual property of Virtual Business Solutions.

Can you restyle my existing logo?

Yes, it is as simple as providing us with the latest version of your logo, and we'll develop concepts based on it for your review.

Do you do illustrations?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your wants and to get a custom quote.

Who owns the copyright of the logo?

Ownership (copyright and title) of the final artwork becomes the sole property of you the client, having unlimited, indefinite, and royalty-free use of the image upon full payment of all fees.

Virtual Business Solutions  retains rights to display the artwork in portfolio and advertising materials. ALL concepts, comprehensives, or other preliminary materials, which are not selected by the client or are not included in the final delivery, remain the sole property of Virtual Business Solutions.

What it's like to work with Virtual Business Solutions?

We stand behind the philosophy that a good logo has to do more than just look pretty; it has a functional purpose. Your business image depends on a logo design that is polished, distinctive, and memorable. Properly designed logo offers immediate brand recognition, identifies your product and company but most importantly the logo is what differentiates you from your competition.

You Can Expect Top Quality

Based on the variety of designs you'll receive, we are confident that you'll discover the perfect design you're hoping for.

We Work Fast

You don't have to sacrifice quality because your on a tight deadline. Once you send us the information about your company, we immediately go to work to create your new company logo. You'll see your first concepts in days!

Why Do-it-Yourself When You Can Afford Custom Design?

According to the Graphic Artists Guild you'll pay $2,000 to $10,000 for a corporate logo at a deep pocket traditional design firm. You can get a brand identity here for as little as  $485. And since our specialty focus is brand identities, you'll get a higher quality logo design at an entrepreneurial price.

What Kind of Customer Service Can You Expect?

One word, excellent! It is our mission to roll up our sleeves, work hard and create the best brand identity for you that is humanly possible. We want to make sure you love it and make sure it happens.

A Satisfaction Guarantee You Can Put Your Faith in

We are 100% confident we will provide you with a logo design you will be proud to brand your company with.

An Exceptional Reputation Based on the Testimonials of our Customers

They say it all and better than we can.

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